Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Self Publishing Using Squidoo!

I've been toying with the idea of using a blog to publish a book while generating revenue through Google's AdSense and affiliate programs. This is not a new idea as “Blooks” and “Blovels” have been available for several years. Obviously if you are an established author this may not be the route for you to take but if you are an author having trouble finding a publisher it is much better than letting your book take up space on your hard drive.

My father is an established author in media related topics with several published non-fiction books under his belt but he has written his first novel that he calls “Speculative Historical Fiction” from a Christian perspective and he’s had a hard time finding a publisher willing to take a chance on the manuscript. The book is entitled “To Kill the Christ” and is the first book in a trilogy called “A Kingdom called Long Reach” So I decided to publish the first book for him using both Squidoo and a blog. This will be a test as to which platform works best. The hope is that there is sufficient interest in the novel that a publisher is willing to publish the entire trilogy. The second book is complete and he has begun work on the final book in the trilogy.

I have launched the first book on Squidoo calling it a “Squidovel” (clever huh?) and will be adding a blog shortly so please check it out. There will be a place for your comments and he welcomes any points or observations you might have.

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