Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Squidoo a Great Social Networking Tool for Online Sellers!

I normally don't copy and paste posts from my other blogs but since I think Squidoo is a fantastic idea I thought I would break that little rule and post something I wrote for My Blog Utopia. I would live to hear your comments.

I've been playing around with MySpace 2.0. Oh, that's right, it's not called MySpace 2.0 its called Squidoo.com

Sure, right now there are fewer than 100,000 profiles on the site (Squidoo calls their profiles Lens') but they have developed an excellent tool for online content creators and especially online sellers (eBay sellers in particular). MySpace is certainly still much more fun then Squidoo and my guess is the average age of a Squidoo member is much higher than on MySpace but Squidoo is geared to helping content creators make some extra cash. You aren’t going to get rich on the site but if you have a blog, website or eBay store it will provide you with the tools to promote those assets. Imagine what would happen if MySpace added that capability.

Check out my “Lens” for an example of what you can do. Since I don’t currently sell any items I have added links to other stores, websites and my blogs. … compare this to my MySpace Profile Traffic is building at Squidoo.com and of course the site is the brainchild of uber marketer Seth Godin so check it out and develop a taste for Calamari.

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