Thursday, February 08, 2007

Now For Some Bad Ideas!

When I came up with the concept for this blog I was most interested in celebrating good ideas I found on the web as well as expressing some of my own. A good idea just sitting in your brain or in a notepad on your dresser doesn't accomplish much. As I've fleshed out the concept I've also become aware of a great many ideas out there that, how can I put this nicely, suck! So occasionally I will comment on those ideas, not to celebrate them but to should them down and hopefully make them go away.

Here are a couple to get us started:

Here are some responses to the stories above:

It seems most of the bad ideas come from politicians! If I find a good idea from one of them I'll make sure and point it out.

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Jeff Herz - My View of the World said...

I have to agree with you regarding politicians, sometimes it seems that fringe fantatic group keeps whispering an idiotic idea into their ears, and every once and a while, some politician says, wow that is great idea, even if 90% of there constituents don't agree with the specific issue.

My $0.02 - Crossing the street with our with earphones still makes it my responsibility to look both ways before I cross. Simple enough

Spanking - I don't spank, but I reserve the right under the necessary circumstances. What I do in my house should be protected and outside the domain of the government. If I am consistently hurting and/or abusing my child, that is clearly different than spanking, and is already illegal, and rightfully so