Friday, February 02, 2007

Interesting Ideas I've Found as I Search the Web!

Some of the ideas I will add to this regular post are good, some are bad and some are just plain interesting. Why don't you take a look and contribute your 2 cents. Or as they say on eBay "your 5 cents" (Inside joke for eBay store sellers) Today's group are very good in my opinion.

Here's an interesting idea about the new IPhone and Cingular relationship that I found by Joy at This is a great suggestions and Cingular should look at it very carefully

An new way of looking at an old literature staple. The novel for the clip generation. (299 words each. Any more is a waste) One suggestion for David B. Dale the author: Come up with an audio version for this and you have a hit. (Think Mobile, etc.)

And here's one I have implemented The Blidget (You guessed it a combination blog and widget) Just choose the button on the left sidebar once you get to the site. Also check-out how I use it on my MySpace profile

Friday Night Lights Pilot Episode - Free on iTunes

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David Hodges said...

Thanks, guys! Very thoughtful of you to promote my Very Short Novels in this way! This is a beautiful idea for a "concept blog."