Monday, February 05, 2007

Music for my Blog!

I like to listen to music while I surf the web and read my favorite blogs and I have found that I really enjoy listening to new and different artists, “not my regular cup of tea” as they say. They say (I’m not sure who they are...) that variety is the spice of life and part of the appeal of blogging, to me, is reading someone else’s perspective on life and issues and that often includes their choices in music and entertainment. One of the best features of MySpace is their audio player where you get to hear a song that the writer of that profile finds interesting. This audio player has had a major impact on the independent music scene by introducing new acts to the MySpace set.

I've been scouring the web to find a player for my blog that will allow me to share some of my favorite tunes with my readers but also provide more flexibility than the MySpace player allowed. Well, I think I found it! I came across (where do they come up with these names). This player allows me to put together play lists for my readers but also gives them the flexibility of searching the web for their favorite tunes, if they don't like what I provide.

My goal is to pick tunes I feel speak to the subject of that particular blog, or are just songs I like and increase the stickiness of the blog. Since I come across very few blogs that have this capability I often load my MySpace profile in the morning and play my tunes while I surf.

I’ve added the Dizzler player to The Digital Napkin. It is at the bottom of the page. To hear my selections just click on the playlist or search the web for your favorite tunes.

Take a look and listen. It might be something you want to add to your blog.

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