Thursday, October 19, 2006

YouTube Please Help Me out!

This idea came from my frustration in tracking down a video clip from a CNBC program that I wanted to use in my blog. It looks as if CNBC hand picks the clips they have available on their site and this particular clip was not included. Since I do not want to post anything on my blog that would violate CNBC’s copyright I am out of luck (and the clip really made my point.)

So here is the idea: YouTube, should workout a licensing deal with CNBC and for that matter all of NBC Univeral’s Properties to serve as their "Blip" library (Blip, is my term for blog clips) on the Web. I am willing to pay for this service. Cable channels like CNBC always have short interviews or segments that would be beneficial to a blogger like me or any other online news outlet. They could structure it in a subscription form and serve up the Blips from their website by adding a “Blog This” function next to the clip. CNBC can further monetize their content, YouTube can make some money and I can get access to some valuable content.

Centralizing this on a site like YouTube would certainly drive more usage than having CNBC serve up the clips themselves though I wouldn't care either way. I just want my Blips!

If YouTube or some other site won't do this then each content site should make all of their stories available on their website (they could include advertising if they wanted) and add a "Blog This" button to their clips to facilitate posting on Blogs like mine.

I want the clip to be embeded in my blog, like this:

Not like this: CNBC Video Highlights

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