Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ripped from the Headlines

As you will see in reading this blog, many of my ideas are related to eBay. If you are tired of hearing about eBay don’t lose heart I will branch out to other ideas as I move forward. I’ve got some great ideas regarding Google/YouTube and MySpace coming up so stay tuned.

Why should you care what ideas I have? You shouldn’t care, I’m just a rgular guy, but you could still read and debate these ideas. Think of this as a cyber brainstorming session. Once I put them out there on the web I give up ownership so lets have some fun. I want to hear what you have to say.

Today’s idea goes out to Dick Wolf, creator of the Law and Order franchise on NBC. Wolf perfected the “Ripped from the Headlines” method for developing story ideas so in case the shows producers have missed this idea I thought I would present it. Now, I don’t really believe Dick Wolf reads this blog but since we are all just 6 degrees removed from Kevin Bacon maybe someone reading this can pass it along. In fact, I will be adding a regular segment called Ripped from the Headlines:

Today’s Ripped from the Headlines:

London Airplane Bomb Plotters Used eBay to Raise Funds, Built Detonators Inside AA Batteries

My idea isn’t related to terrorists, though that is certainly a viable option. My idea deals with the Russian Mob and the use of a fictional online auction site and payment system. I see this as a story for Criminal Intent rather than SVU or the Original Law and Order.

Two 20-something computer geeks and college students have figured out how to launder money using an online auction site and payment service. One is a Chinese kid from New York’s Chinatown neighborhood (Sigh) and the other is a Russian émigré from Brighten Beach (Andre). While visiting with some friends from the old neighborhood Andre, in a moment of drunken bravado, tells an old friend how he and Sigh plan on becoming millionaires laundering money. The problem is he told the son of a Russian mob boss and when the Mob decides they want in on this new enterprise Sigh gets nervous and has second thoughts leading to his murder. The detectives of New York’s Major Case Squad are called into solve the murder of a young Chinese college student and find an intricate money laundering scheme.

Tell me what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts; maybe you can expand on the idea.

Mr Wolf, if you come across this idea somehow feel free to run with it. I can serve as an expert on online auctions if you need it. As they say in the business “Call Me!”

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