Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ripped from the Headlines

Priest admits fondling Foley, says it wasn't abuse - Quote: “A priest whom former Rep. Mark Foley reportedly has accused of molestation almost four decades ago said Thursday that he fondled the lawmaker as a teen but it wasn't abuse because Foley "seemed to like it."

So let me get this straight, it isn’t abuse to fondle a child if they “seem to like it” Whoa, this is amazing and you wonder why people have a problem with the Church. I’m not sure who I despise more Mark Foley or the Priest. I think I dislike both of them equally.

I know there have been several Priest Molestation stories on Law and Order but how about this take. A New York State Senator who heads a committee on Child Safety who is arrested for the murder of a legislative aide who has blown the whistle on him regarding his email advances towards the 15 year old son of another Senator. When brought to trial his defense is “The Priest made me do it” as he tells the story of his own childhood molestation. When the Priest is questioned he falls back on "he seemed to like it".

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