Thursday, April 26, 2007

What the Hell is a Ziki?

I came across in my digital travels and thought I would test it out. It is very similar to other social networking communities but with a twist. Ziki, will actually buy Google, Yahoo and MSN keywords of your name or business and direct them to your Ziki profile where you can collect all of your online content.

Go ahead, type my name -- Randy Smythe -- into Google and you will see a sponsored link directing you to my Ziki website. I will soon be up on Yahoo and MSN as well. In my case natural search pulls up most of my content but it's still nice to see my name up in lights as a sponsored link. Best of all -- its free.

1 comment:

Yu^2 said...

Ya Ziki not only let you be 'found' on the internet. It helps you to network too. If you're a creative person or a freelancer it works best. I'm glad you're on it. I think it just works best when you're trying to manage your 'digital identity'.

I'm on MyBlogLog as well. I'll try finding you there!