Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ripped From the Headlines

OJ is at it again! His time on the sidelines and out of the press has wounded his narcissistic ego so he just had to write a book The title of the book alone "If I Did It!" proves this man has no soul but the story is perfect for Law and Order.

Hey Mr. Wolf how about a story about an acquitted star (Sports, Movie, Music take your pick) that releases a book on how he would have killed the victims, you know if he was actually responsible. With double jeopardy attached the star believes he is free and clear to once again make his millions off of books sales and be back in the public eye. While the star is in New York promoting his book there is a murder, though the murder only marginally involved the star (as a witness), Jack finds something in the stars book that will allow him to convict him on another charge. (Jack, was the DA who prosecuted him on the murder charge originally) This is the basis for the story. The details still need to be worked out.

Hope to see it on the tube by the end of the year.

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